Brian Wendt

Brian Wendt


What I’ve done

  • 11+ years of front-end development

    Applications of varied maturity (wireframes, legacy replacements, product launches), frameworks + languages (NextJS, Prisma, PlanetScale, React, Typescript, TailwindCSS), and tooling (webpack, jest, testing-library, Storybook)

  • 7+ years of remote-working experience

    Perfecting the balance between productivity and freedom while demonstrating the virtues of flexibility (4-10s)

  • Contract work friendly

    Mentoring teams new to React, reviewing React codebases, and as an individual contributor on new/existing projects

  • AI-powered chatbots

    ChatGPT-driven chatbots with augmented knowledge sources for dynamic, conversational experiences.

  • Accessibility focused

    Contributing member to digital accessibility guilds and advocate for responsible design and continual growth

  • Geospatial applications

    Data-fed, live-updating maps with synchronized metrics and visualizations

  • Data-collection wizards

    Responsive, form-based wizards focused on accurate and efficient data entry

  • NodeJS microservices

    Purpose-driven workhorses leveraging the latest serverless technologies

  • Zapier integrations

    CLI-based NodeJS integrations from concept to public app

  • Monolith decompostion

    Refactoring monolithic applications into independent, scalable modules with mono- and poly-repo setups

Where I’ve worked

  • Zapier

    Senior Frontend Engineer

    Feb 2023 - Present

    Boomerang! • Building the new beta-products, Interfaces and Chatbots: Drag-and-drop, dynamic interfaces that power your business workflows • No-code AI chatbots connected to your automations and data • Rapid prototyping with paradigm-shifting technologies like OpenAI and ChatGPT

  • Unfirl


    Mar 2022 - Feb 2023

    Enhance your short URLs with customizable preview images generated from popular templates • Unshakeable branding accompanies follows your short URL wherever it's shared • Capture metrics and insights around shares versus visits to truly understand your engagement

  • CreateMe

    Senior Frontend Engineer

    Feb 2022 - Jan 2023

    Greenfield NextJS application for a new product offering • Component library development • Storybook integration • Pact consumer-driven contract testing

  • Zapier

    Senior Frontend Engineer

    Dec 2019 - Present

    Rapid React + Typescript prototyping from idea to production deployment • Seamless feature integration into existing code • Advancing microfrontend concepts and monolith decomposition

  • Filevine

    Senior Frontend Engineer

    Apr 2019 - Nov 2019

    NodeJS-based Zapier integration • AWS serverless microservices • React developer portal with plug-and-play, third-party-developed modules

  • Mylo


    Jan 2016 - Apr 2019

    Advancing my skillsets in React + Redux + Webpack building dynamic data collection wizards, productivity enhancing tools, and composable component libraries • Expanding my knowledge of CSS and responsive UI design • Introduced a monorepo architecture

  • ABPathfinder, Inc.

    Software Engineer

    Feb 2015 - Jan 2016

    Led design + development of the next-gen application from concept to production, intuitively handling multiple active contexts and activities from data input to dynamic reporting

  • Sencha

    Support Engineer

    Dec 2014 - Feb 2015

    Exceptional forum troubleshooting and support, but quickly realized my passion is turning ideas into applications

  • WaterTRAC

    Software Engineer

    Mar 2013 - Dec 2014

    Led clean-slate design + development of the flagship customer portal with a heavy focus on dynamic charting, live-updating maps, and big data

  • Perceptive Software

    Intern -> Product Support -> Software Test Engineer

    Dec 2007 - Feb 2013

    Advanced from Intern to Software Test Engineer, finding ways to improve tooling, automate solutions, and nuke inefficiencies

How I work

  • Early

    My most productive hours are 5am to 9am

  • Autonomous

    Problem solving over prescribed solutions

  • Collaborative

    Teams build great things, not individuals

  • Remote

    Master of managing time and productivity

B.A. in Information Systems

The University of Kansas, 2008